Today, I cried for all the women of the world.

I cried for all of those who have been lied to by the patriarchy of their community. For those that truly believe they are not good enough based on the words and expressions of others.

For the remarkable women who have been told they can’t do something because of the color of their skin or what is between their legs.

For the women who have been abused, sexualized and degraded because some people think that we should know our place in society.

For the brilliant women who deal with mansplaining on a daily basis. They’re spoken to like a small child and have their intelligence questioned every day of their lives.

For the cautious women who know there is another set of life rules out there for us. That living your life on the defensive is reality.

For the ambitious woman who went off to college and learned the dangers of being drunk around a man.

For the mothers who have given their bodies, minds and souls for the sake of others.

For the daughters who have been handed a legacy of sexism, racism, unexplained rules, and unattainable expectations.

For all these women and many more – I cried until my soul ran dry. It was in that moment that I fully understood the resilience and power of a woman. In spite of all of these reasons for crying – we persevere. We push on and provide. We break the rules and pull one another up from the depths of despair.

We are the caretakers, the creators, the magic makers, and the fabric that holds this world together.

So the next time you cry for all the remarkable women in this world – don’t forget to pick yourself up and live another day. We’ve got work to do and miracles to perform.