One year ago I hired Michelle as a business coach. I had embarked on a new iteration of my business. My hope was to make the same amount as I had the year before, which would’ve been an accomplishment as I was starting something new. Now after year of working with Michelle to fine-tune many aspects of my business, I have actually doubled what I made for income compared to last year. She was absolutely an integral part of the process. I will be continuing to work with her bring my business to new heights. I highly recommend her.

Michelle is a true professional and an inspired leadership coach. I’ve known her for years and deeply value the insight she brings to every coaching session. Her no-BS approach combined with her deep experience in corporate operations and executive growth allow her to be the best in the business. I trust her to give me the best advice possible and to push me to make the best decision for my career and my goals.

Michelle is one of the best people I’ve worked with during my career. She is the type of person I would always want on my team because of her work ethic, dedication and skill set. She is extremely organized, detail oriented, and professional. She displays integrity and professionalism while providing smart solutions and process efficiencies. Michelle would be an asset to any organization.

Michelle has consulted for our large-scale company events and was integral in making them a success. She was insightful on many levels and helped us stay on track and on budget in a time efficient manner. From the broad sense of the big picture to the getting her hands dirty on the day off, she is a fantastic resource and dedicated to your success!

Michelle has a special way of connecting with people. She is a great listener and creates safe space for her clients to share, be vulnerable and emerge with clarity and focus. Michelle is a passionate speaker, coach and woman that makes the world a better place by sharing her energy and wisdom with others!

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