We can all agree that these are unprecedented times.  We are all collectively experiencing a litany of emotions and may feel like life has been thrown into complete chaos.  Many of us are trying to re-examine our current “go to” coping strategies and finding they may not be enough.  Below are 5 sanity savers that may be able to help you during this challenging time. 

1. 15 Non-negotiable minutes for YOU
Maintain at least 1 self-care ritual even when the chaos is at its max.  Keep it as big or as small as you’d like but make sure it’s something that won’t add to your feeling of being overwhelmed.  This was a HUGE one for me especially after my 2nd son was born.  My saving grace was an uninterrupted shower.  I would light my favorite candle, put some music on and decompress.  It’s a simple thing but it allowed me to relax enough to move forward.  Even now – that simple ritual has an instant calming sensation

2. Ask for Help
The challenge here is this advice can feel like a catch 22.  It’s very hard to ask for help when your first instinct is to control things.  But let me ask you this – What matters most about the tasks on your list?  Is it that it needs to get done or done EXACTLY the way you want it done?  I’d like to lean towards just getting it done especially when you are exhausted, overwhelmed and things are swirling around you.

3. Use Escapism (in a good way) 
Your first reaction when you’re overwhelmed may be to dig your heels in and plow through.  Grant yourself permission to take a different approach – remove your mind from the chaos.  This could mean reading, listening to a podcast or music, playing with your children, etc.  Sometimes you can’t escape right in the middle of the chaos but make a point to set aside time for a little escapism.  Giving your mind a rest for even 10-20 minutes can be hugely beneficial.  It can also give you the ability to come back to life with a different perspective on things.  I love escaping into a book or just sitting, listening to great music.  It’s nice to give my mind a rest from reality every now and again.

4. Let It Out!
Write in a journal, vent to a friend, write an email to yourself – whatever it takes to get the chaos out of your head!  Getting your thoughts out in the open has a way of not only validating that you are experiencing a lot but it helps you to process and release it.  Strapped for time?  Use the notes feature on your phone or record a memo of venting.  Go back and review when you have 5 minutes.

5. Remember the Sun
One of the absolutes in this world is that the sun will rise and set each day.  That means, each day you get another chance at progress (not perfection) in your life.  Chaos can take over your life especially if your trying to predict outcomes, control situations, etc.  Rest easy knowing that no matter what is going on around you – the sun will rise tomorrow – giving you another opportunity to learn from mistakes, reinvent, and move forward.

My hope for you is there is a small nugget of valuable information above that you can take forward with you.

With Love,
Michelle Mercier