Welcome to the Podcast Guest Information Hub.

Thank you for being a guest on the Surviving Entrepreneurship podcast!

Below are a few things you need to know before your interview. Following these instructions will help things run smoothly during the interview and help you sound your best.   Please be sure that your podcast guest release form has been signed/submitted back or we will not be able to record. 

The purpose of this podcast is to have REAL conversations about the sacrifice, strategic thinking, and dedication that it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Prior to your interview, please be sure to listen to the initial episode that explains the purpose more in depth.  You can find it HERE.

  • We will use Zoom to hold the interview.  If you don’t have a Zoom account please click here to create one.
  • When it is time for the interview, click this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5085830050
  • I will record the interview.
  • Turn your camera ON and be sure to dress appropriately.  Both the audio AND the video will be distributed. 
  • I’ll let you know as soon as the formal interview starts. However, I’ll start recording as soon as we get on in case something great gets said that we want to capture for the podcast.
  • At the end of the show, we will also pause for about 4-5 seconds and then stop the recording.
  • Please do your best to use a microphone during our interview to avoid echo and to ensure good audio quality. This could be something like iPhone earbuds or a professional level mic like a Yeti.  Either one will work.  If you don’t have any sort of mic – please let me know and we’ll see what can be worked out.
  • Please find a quiet room to use while we interview.
  • A room with carpet and few windows makes for the best quality audio.
  • Silence your cell phone.
  • Close all programs on your computer that make sounds (e.g., email, Facebook, etc.)
  • Try to be mindful of sitting still. Please no activity, driving, or treadmills!
  • Try to maintain a consistent distance from your microphone.
  • I will edit each episode, but I don’t want to have to edit out anything fantastic you said just because of background noise!

The podcast interview will last from 25-30 minutes.  It’s possible it will run longer if the conversation is exceptionally good. I will say that we’re going to run a little longer during the interview so you’ll know.   I will ask questions about your experience as a entrepreneur.

Below is the rough template of how the interview will go. I’d like the interview to be conversational so our interview may not stick perfectly to this format. However, it’s a good guideline of how the interview will flow.

Intro – I’ll introduce you as our guest. It will be short because I will add a longer intro during the editing process.

Background – This is your chance to tell your origin story!  How did you get to today’s current state of entrepreneurship?

Questions to get you to share your insights, lessons, and advice – We’ll then chat about the following:

  • Challenges you have experienced throughout your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Strategies, tactics, and tools you’ve used to “Survive Entrepreneurship.”
    • These can be aligned to self-care, confidence, business knowledge, success, etc.  The objective is to help the whole entrepreneur succeed – not just their business.

Rapid Fire Questions – I like to end with 3 rapid fire questions for guests.  They are always the same across guests.  You will not be provided with these prior to the interview but don’t worry – they won’t be hard!  Answer with the first thing that comes to mind!

Closing Remarks – You can leave some final words of wisdom, as well as tell people where they can find you (ie. website, etc).  Please let me know ahead of time if you have any current promotions running.  We can try to work those in here, too!  Your information will also be included in the show notes.

  • Be yourself! Listeners want to connect with who you as a person so they can put your amazing wisdom into practice!
  • Smile and have fun!  That will definitely translate in your voice and on the video!
  • Do not mention any specific clients or customers unless you’ve been given permission to do so.
  • Do not say anything bad about clients. You can talk about challenges with clients generally but not anything that can be traced to a specific client.
  • Feel free to ask me questions during the interview!

After we’ve recorded, be on the look out for an additional communication from me about when your podcast will launch.  This will include promotional materials, tips for spreading the word, and more!