Stumbling Point

I recently went through a Parathyroidectomy to cure a disease that I’d been unknowingly fighting for years. I went into the operating room with a long list of symptoms including extreme fatigue, anxiety, kidney stones, joint/bone pain, and many more.  I didn’t realize how sick I’d been until I came out of that operating room.

You’re probably thinking – those were pretty hefty symptoms!  How could you not know you were sick?!!  I’d complained to my doctor for years.  My symptoms were typically attributed to this stage of motherhood, being overweight, or working too much.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dismissed for those reasons.  Even worse – how many times I believed them to be true.

Looking Inward

Over the years, I’ve noticed a common denominator in the way women approach problematic situations.  Something happens and many of us automatically ask ourselves “what did i do to contribute/cause this?”  Now, that’s a healthy question to ask yourself in certain situations.  We all need a level of self awareness so we can own our baggage.  BUT – there are too many instances where we take ownership of things that are not our responsibility.  How does this show up?  We back down from something we believe in.  We admit to being wrong just to have an argument end.  We except the status quo for our lives.

Remedying the Situation

In a perfect world, we would be able to clearly see the distinction between what falls under our ownership and what does not.  Old thought patterns or biases would never get in the way of a decision or relationship.  Self doubt would also be a thing of the past.  That is one beautiful pipe dream.

My friend, we live in an intensely messy world where self-awareness is needed more than ever.  Why self-awareness?  Because you need to clearly see what is your right to own even if the other person doesn’t agree. You also need the clarity to admit when you’re wrong and take ownership of your mistakes.  Both of these are equally important in this world.

So – I challenge you to examine your life’s decisions.  Take actions to increase your self-awareness so you can advocate for a life that feels authentic and amazing for you!  And that’s what we all want, right? I sure do!

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