Create Honesty - Walk by Faith Not by Sight

Hitting the Reset Button

I recently spent a week in Maine on vacation with my two sons and husband.  This vacation was a way to hit the reset button for everyone. We’d spent the last five years tackling a litany of stressful situations.  Not to say there weren’t joyous moments but the number of valleys were outnumbering the peaks at this point. My faith was wavering and my attitude turning negative.

All of this had culminated with my being diagnosed with Celiac Disease a couple weeks prior to the vacation.  I was worn down, vitamin deficient, anemic, angry and barely functioning – mentally or physically.  My instincts kept telling me to just make it to Maine and the energy would shift.  Now, I don’t mean the typical – “omg – I need a vacation” feeling.  This was something deeper that was driving me toward this one week.  Little did I know, that the universe was going to send me a message on the side of the road in Maine….

Listening to the Message

Rt 1 is the main road where you can find everything from antiques to lobsters.  It’s also where I noticed a message posted in front of a local church.  Every day – I would drive down that busy street to get coffee, go to dinner or see the sights.  Every day – that sign would pull my attention like a moth to a flame. It was so bad that I actually turned around to drive by it multiple times in a single trip to the store!  I was literally stalking this sign and couldn’t understand why.

The sign read:

“Walk by Faith Not by Sight”

I found myself questioning this statement over and over again.  Was I having a religious crisis?  Did I need to go to a mass?  I hadn’t been to church in a long time except for special occasions.  What was up with this message?!!

Message Received and Faith Restored

I was walking the beach one morning when it hit me –  this message wasn’t religious.  It was a message of love, compassion and letting go.  It was a reminder to have faith not only in the universe but the unseen things that this amazing force had created.

Faith in time – it heals all wounds (mentally & physically).

Faith in slowing down – it is the best way to gain perspective and practice gratitude.

Faith in love – which is the true driving force in this world.

Faith in my fellow human beings – that the negativity we see in the media is NOT representative of the majority.

Faith in those I love – their actions come from a place of good intentions.

Faith in boundaries – setting them doesn’t reflect a decrease in love for those around me but an increase in self-love and acceptance.

Faith in myself – the voice inside me should never be ignored because it is a direct link to my authentic self.

So that morning – standing in the sand, waves washing over my feet – I regained my faith and in doing so started to see things differently. The reset button had been hit. I felt the energy shift with my family and much more.  I came home with a new outlook on life and a feeling that everything was going to be ok.  Going forward, I’m going to make a conscious choice to walk by faith and not by sight.

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