Unconditional Love & Acceptance

My 4 year old son was so excited to go to preschool wearing his new sweatshirt.  Little kids are amazing because they find such a profound amount of joy in the simple things of life like an article of clothing or small gesture.  It's something…

An Act of Gratitude

Recently, I've been collecting the submission boxes from the Gratitude List Project.  We've received almost 200 submissions of gratitude from local community members.  I needed to pick them up to begin brainstorming a display for our local…
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Cultivating Your Worth

For as long as I can remember - I have had a tendency to avoid or ignore good things.  To move in the opposite direction of things that bring joy and barely give myself credit for accomplishments. Here's a couple good examples: My husband…

I give myself permission.

So - in the early morning hours - before I met my son - I decided to create a permission slip. I wrote down the words and phrases that I felt would allow me to get through the hours, days and months following his birth.

Sequins & Fishing

Take 5 minutes each morning, before the obligations of the day pile on, to envision what it would feel like to add one spark filled action to each day. Hopefully, these actions will start to bring you back to that point in your life when the favorite moments outweigh the obligations.