I Am the Keeper of My List

I am overweight, plus size - or fat - really, I don't mind either term because I know they are all true.  I find the word "fat" lacks a certain level of political correctness or politeness.  "Overweight" is the term the doctor uses when I…

My C-section – the best and scariest day of my life

On a cold day in January - at 8:22am, my son came into the world with a bang, weighing in at 10lbs on the dot and stretching to 22in long.  He lit up the room with his fiery cry.  He was pissed to be out of his comfort zone but - Damn, were…

A letter to my baby on his first day at daycare

Where to begin....[takes deep breath] To "My Sunshine" - Today is the first day you will spend out of my care.  A day that's been looming in my mind since you came into this world. The day that would simultaneously break me and help…

I give myself permission.

So - in the early morning hours - before I met my son - I decided to create a permission slip. I wrote down the words and phrases that I felt would allow me to get through the hours, days and months following his birth.

Sequins & Fishing

Take 5 minutes each morning, before the obligations of the day pile on, to envision what it would feel like to add one spark filled action to each day. Hopefully, these actions will start to bring you back to that point in your life when the favorite moments outweigh the obligations.


"Being in the gap' can be disorienting and even scary...But it was just this state of pure potential that existed before the universe was created." I am officially unemployed.  The laptop returned, the final, courteous conversations…

Create: to bring something new to existence

The ability to fix something is deeply rooted in the ability to control it. It took me a long time to understand that I can't control everything and everyone around me. I was finally met with such a barrage of things that were out of my control that I had no choice but to concede. Hysterically crying, in a heap on the kitchen floor - I waved the white flag at the universe as the tears came down and my heart grieved the loss of control.