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The Most Precious Commodity

I spent the morning at the cardiologist or more specifically – on a treadmill at the cardiologist hooked up for an EKG.  I’ve been having some mysterious chest pains.  I’ve also been diagnosed with 2 different autoimmune diseases and high cholesterol.  All of these ailments have popped up in the last month or so which is […]

Just another ten pounds…..

At age 24 –  I was gearing up for a week in NYC, auditioning for agents from all over the world.  I felt amazing. I was proud of all the hard work I’d done prepping audition material – tweaking and getting it all just right.  I had meticulously picked out wardrobes, perfected modeling techniques, and participated in […]

Much Bigger Than Money

Over the last two months, I have heard from many people about Create Honesty and the adventure I’ve set out on.  It has all been positive or at the very least – neutral.  But I always seem to get the same question from people about what I’m doing – friends, family – even complete strangers.  Now the […]


5 Sanity Savers When Life Brings On Chaos

Over the past months, there were many instances where chaos ruled my life.  Despite trying to control things it just wasn’t an option.  Oh, I tried to make it an option…don’t get me wrong…but the more I tried…the more my sanity was compromised.  So I’ve been forced to re-examine my coping strategies and thought process around […]

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Cultivating Your Worth

For as long as I can remember – I have had a tendency to avoid or ignore good things.  To move in the opposite direction of things that bring joy and barely give myself credit for accomplishments. Here’s a couple good examples: My husband and I picked out my engagement ring.  I cried after because it didn’t […]

I Am the Keeper of My List

I am overweight, plus size – or fat – really, I don’t mind either term because I know they are all true.  I find the word “fat” lacks a certain level of political correctness or politeness.  “Overweight” is the term the doctor uses when I visit and “plus size” is what fashion calls me.  But honestly […]