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Today, I cried for all the women

Today, I cried for all the women of the world. I cried for all of those who have been lied to by the patriarchy of their community. For those that truly believe they are not good enough based on the words and expressions of others. For the remarkable women who have been told they can’t […]

3 Things I Learned From 550 Women

Last week, I had the privilege of being part of the launch of the 1st Annual MetroWest Conference for Women.  Not only did I participate in the planning/execution as a Board Member – but I also had the amazing experience of being a member of a panel discussion entitled “Cutting Through the Bullsh*t” where we […]

Perfecting the “I’m Fine”

A couple years ago, I was struggling with severe postpartum depression and was speaking to a friend about it.  The response that I received from this individual was quite remarkable.  She showed a genuine level of disbelief and responded with “No, you can’t have postpartum.  You’re always SO happy on Facebook.  They must have gotten […]

Unconditional Love & Acceptance

My 4 year old son was so excited to go to preschool wearing his new sweatshirt.  Little kids are amazing because they find such a profound amount of joy in the simple things of life like an article of clothing or small gesture.  It’s something adults tend to take for granted. We walked into the […]

5 Ways to Start Living an Authentic Life

In my line of work, the most common question I receive is – “how can someone live authentically?”  This is always a tricky question to answer because I want to be considerate of the person on the receiving end of my response.  There is never going to be a “one size fits all” approach to […]

The Pain of Transformation

The day I realized something had changed – I found myself in the car with my husband and our almost 1 year old.  We were sitting in traffic coming out of Boston during rush hour.  My husband was trying to have a conversation with me – about what, I’m not sure – because all I […]

An Act of Gratitude

Recently, I’ve been collecting the submission boxes from the Gratitude List Project.  We’ve received almost 200 submissions of gratitude from local community members.  I needed to pick them up to begin brainstorming a display for our local holiday event.  But even more than the “work” reason – there was something poetic about sifting through sentiments […]

Changing the Body Image Message

I went out with a group of girlfriends on Friday night to celebrate a friend who’s getting married this weekend.  As I looked around – watching the actions of the younger women at the bar – I started thinking about all the time I’d spent trying to look and act in a way that wasn’t […]

Good For Your Soul and Sanity

Over the past week or so – I’ve stopped functioning in a healthy way.  I actually spent the first half of today sitting on my couch, eating a box of cookies and watching TV.  I’d like to say that I enjoyed the slowing down but I didn’t.  It wasn’t the restful kind of alone time […]

Understanding Depression

Because of my work – I tend to bear witness to people expressing a range of emotions and truths.  My goal is always to approach these moments with the respect and tenderness they deserve.  Every now and again, one of these moment resonates with me in such a way that it latches on and won’t let go.   […]