Choose the coaching program below that works for you!

INSPIRE * 3 Months

INSPIRE * 3 Months * $1,650

Designed for those ready for rapid transformation!
We’ll work closely to remove mental roadblocks and identify ways to create positive changes in your life.

(1) 90 minute Discovery Coaching Session
(9) 60 minute Breakthrough Coaching Sessions
(3) 15 minute Inspirational Phone Calls

EMPOWER * 6 Months

EMPOWER * 6 Months * $2,950

Perfect for those that are looking to make changes across multiple areas of their life.
Together, we’ll craft a strategic plan that includes manageable steps for success!

(1) 90-minute Discovery Intake Session
(18) 50-minute Breakthrough Coaching Sessions
(1) 2-hour Midpoint Strategy Session
(6) 15-minute Inspirational Phone Calls

CREATE * 12 Months

CREATE * 12 Months * $7,950

Are you ready to reinvent your entire life? This package is perfect for you!  I’ll work closely with you to craft a multi-faceted plan to inspire & empower you to create the life you want!

(1) 90-minute Discovery Intake Session
(50) 60-minute Breakthrough Coaching Sessions
(4) 2-hour Quarterly Strategy Sessions
(12) 15-minute Inspirational Phone Calls